Valley Metro

Valley Metro

Valley Metro provides eco-friendly public transit options to residents of greater Phoenix and Maricopa County including the planning and operations of a regional bus system, paratransit services and a host of other options ranging from alternative transportation programs for seniors and people with disabilities to commuter vanpools, online carpool matching, bus trip mapping, bicycle safety and telework assistance.

Valley Metro Facts

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Makings of a MOD Transit System

The Phoenix metro area is undergoing a rapid population growth, which creates varying challenges like a rise in congestion, but also opportunities such as new ridership. The tax friendly environment and mild climate are attracting retirees and encouraging baby boomers to stay, while new jobs are being filled by younger generations. However, the majority of jobs still exist within the city despite more communities cropping up in the outer suburbs. Seamless and accessible transportation is key to supporting an expanding and thriving Phoenix metro area.

All these factors mean Valley Metro began asking the question – How do we increase the availability of public transit for all riders – from the young baby boomers, to the visually and hearing impaired, and millennials – to improve their quality of life through access to jobs, healthcare, education and social and community opportunities? How can we narrow socio economic disparities by connecting people to their homes and jobs in a faster, more convenient, more spontaneous and user-friendly way? How can we ensure no one is left behind and everyone has the same access and experience?

Personalized Mobility for Greater Phoenix

The FTA’s Mobility on Demand (MOD) Sandbox Program, part of a larger research effort between the FTA and U.S. DOT, creates a forum that intends to “promote innovative business models to deliver high quality, seamless and equitable mobility options for all travelers.”

One of the main goals of the project is to find ways of combining these increasing service options with available technologies to allow for personal mobility while ensuring multimodal transportation is seamless, accessible, and inclusive. Through this program, public transportation providers are partnering with private transportation companies to invent innovative ways of integrating business models that create an efficient and reliable travel experience for all.

Public transportation agencies across the US participated in a competitive evaluation process for the award of $8M through the MOD Sandbox Grant. Of the 11 agencies awarded the MOD Sandbox Grant, Valley Metro received one of the larger sums totaling $1 million to work on a project that seeks to create a bridge between public transportation agencies and private transportation systems through technology.

Mobility Without Limits

Technology partner, Routematch, is working with Valley Metro and other key stakeholders to create a smartphone-based mobility platform that integrates mobile ticketing and multi-modal trip planning for a seamless and efficient travel experience. The rider-centric technology coupled with a strong network of transportation providers will empower riders with more mobility options, bringing them even closer to pursuing more opportunities.

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