Why Mobility?

Increasing mobility options and shifting social trends are influencing and altering the transportation landscape, paving the way for a unique and personalized approach to mobility. To address the needs of the modern-day traveler, public and private transportation organizations are joining forces in their mission to make traveling more convenient and accessible across the board.

The creation of new services opens up the door to diverse mobility options like never before, but when so many choices exist, it is much easier to be exclusive rather than inclusive. And while traditionally, agencies have tried to create separate services to address all mobility types, the idea of separate but equal is inherently unequal.

Our Commitment

As a transit technology innovator, Routematch upholds these ideals and principles within our own solutions and communities. Routematch is committed to fostering new ground-breaking technologies and partnerships that support those bridges, choices, promises, and connections for all. We believe that in the future of transit there are no lines dividing the agency, technology, and the rider; and, it is all of our responsibilities to ensure a seamless experience where mobility ensures the freedom, spontaneity and dignity of all riders.

Public Transit Facts

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